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HATINH Interactive mission is to support indie games developers

Indie games segment has massively grown in the last decade to reach a $15Bn bar in 2020 according to our estimates.  Best selling indie games  can sell millions of units over their lifecycle and frequently get prestigious awards such as  best game of the year at established gaming shows.

Hatinh Interactive differentiates from existing indie games publishers thanks to 4 pillars :

  • a data-driven gamed sourcing and selection proprietary platform
  • an internal global network of 500+ influencers from the US and Europe
  • an undisputed business relationship and extended network with  PC/Console/Mobile store teams in the US and in Europe (Steam,Epic Games Store, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Apple, Google to name a few)
  • a Publisher As A Service (PaaS) unique model:  Hatinh Interactive brings adhoc funding, publishing; marketing and distribution expertise and capabilities which are adapted to each developer’s need.

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